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25. 2. 2008 10:39

1, 400 Visitors Came to See the Exhibition “People Like Us…“

An exhibition called “People Like Us“, tracing the life stories of people influenced by the communist coup in former Czechoslovakia in 1948, which opened in the Office of the Government of the Czech Republic earlier today has been very well received by the public. More than 1,400 visitors came to see a selection from the unique collection of eyewitness reports and memoirs of Czech political prisoners. Vistors also had an opportunity to see the office of the Prime Minister. The exhibition has been prepared at the initiative of Czech Premier Mirek Topolánek by the civic association Post Bellum. Its journalists selected for the display life stories of writers, priests, farm owners and other persons singled out by the communist regime for persecution in the 1950s.

"We should never forget the evil that had seized the minds and hearts of those people who, eager to attain absolute power, sacrificed everything. Their souls, their fellow citizens, and finally their own friends and families. We should not forget those innocent people who suffered in communist prisons and camps, under the gallows or in front of a firing squad," Czech Premier Mirek Topolánek said during a preview of the exhibition on February 8, 2008. More information on the exhibition “People Like Us…“ and the individual life stories of political prisoners are available on the web site of the Office of the Government of the Government of the Czech Republic:

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