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1. 9. 2008 11:30

September 1, 2008: Government Is Interested in Citizens´ Views, It Has Called on Them to Cooperate

The Government of Premier Mirek Topolánek is opening itself to the public on a growing scale. Today the Czech Cabinet has called on the public in the press to get interested and involved in the Government’s activities. All the relevant information on the Government and the individual Ministries is available at the following Internet addresses and 

“We have extended the range of channels through which we keep the public informed about our activities. People will find basic data in newspaper ads, details on the Government’s web pages,“ says Prime Minister Mirek Topolánek. Both newspaper ads and web presentation are focused on changes the current Cabinet has made during its term of office. Three areas are mentioned in particular: health care, security, and the functioning of state authorities, which comprehensibly describe the steps taken by the Government, complete with specific figures. 

With his appeal “Get Interested and Involved!“, the Premier links up to his inspection visits to the individual Government Ministries he paid in July and August. “We were surprised to see the public and media interest in the Government’s work, and that is why we have decided to carry on and involve more citizens. We expect that this will improve public awareness and will launch a public debate about our steps,“ adds Mirek Topolánek. The project called “Government For You“ takes a leaf out of the book of some other European countries where governments regularly communicate with citizenry through newspaper ads and on the Internet.

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