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24. 9. 2008 14:06

Sep. 24, 2008: Premier To Present New Recordings of the Czech National Anthem in a Live Broadcast

Prime Minister Mirek Topolánek has had new versions of the Czech national anthem recorded for the celebration of the 90th anniversary of the Czech state. The recordings will be presented in Prague’s National Museum as part of the celebrations of the Day of Czech Statehood on September 28. Starting at 8:00 p.m., this special evening programme will be broadcast by the second channel of the Czech Television and Czech Radio’s station 3 – Vltava. The compositions will be featured on Monday at this Internet address, where you can now find a lot of interesting information.

“The Czech national anthem, one of the seven state symbols representing this country, has not been recorded for a long time in a version which is both dignified and modern. Naturally, we do not want to change its traditional form all the people are accustomed to, but we would like to liven up the composition a bit,“ says Premier Mirek Topolánek

In 2008, we are marking the 90th anniversary of the foundation of an independent Czechoslovak state as well as other anniversaries bearing the figure “8“: the Munich Accords in 1938, the communist coup in February 1948, the Prague Spring pro-democracy movement in 1968. “The purpose of this special evening in the National Museum is to highlight our traditions and the meaning of the Czech statehood,“ adds the Prime Minister. 

On the occasion of the presentation of the new recordings of the national anthem in the National Museum, its Pantheon will house an exhibition of František Škroup´s manuscript of the song “Where Is My Home?“ and other unique documents from the collections of the National Museum which illustrate the spontaneous spread and significance of the song for the Czech nation. 

Together with the recording of the anthem, performed by the National Theatre Choir with soloists Kateřina Kněžíková and Adam Plachetka and accompanied by the National Theatre Orchestra under the baton of Jiří Bělohlávek, a book was also published tracing the history of the song “Where Is My Home?“ and portraying the historical context of the time when the song originated . 

Brief History of the Czech National Anthem 

The song “Where Is My Home?“ comes from a play called “Fidlovačka aneb Žádný hněv a žádná rvačka“, written by the well-known 19th century Czech playwright Josef Kajetán Tyl. Music for the song was composed by František Škroup. The play Fidlovačka deals with an old Prague shoemakers´ festival, held on the first Wednesday after Easter since the late 18th century. The play is partly in Czech and German, with occasional phrases in Italian and French. Composed for the bass, the lyrical song “Where Is My Home?“ is the 19th item in the play and is sung by blind violinist Mareš who accompanies himself on violin, with the accompaniment of another two violins, viola, two bassoons, French horn, cello and double bass. 

More detailed information can be found at the Czech Government portal Also available are, for instance, video interviews with Premier Topolánek, conductor J. Bělohlávek and radio journalists and musician I. Medek (video).

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