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18. 1. 2007 15:49

Otto Jelinek Ends His Mission as the Coordinator of the Czech Republic's International Activities

Czech Prime Minister Mirek Topolánek has met with Otto Jelinek to personally thank Mr. Jelinek for the work he has done for the Czech Republic as the coordinator of the country's foreign activities.

Otto Jelinek"Otto Jelinek is one of those Czechs who have gained reputation and experience abroad to subsequently use their expertise in work for their original homeland. I greatly appreciate his activities, and I am pleased that the Czech Republic has had the opportunity to use Otto Jelinek's services," said the premier.

Otto Jelinek will end his tenure as the coordinator of the Czech Republic's international activities as of 31 January. "My mission has been accomplished, and I will therefore leave my position. However, if my participation is needed for implementing the changes I have proposed, I will be available in the future," said Otto Jelinek.

Press Department, Office of the Government of the Czech Republic

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