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4. 3. 2008 12:24

4.3. Prime Minister will present Milan Paumer with Honorary Plaque of Czech Government, press conference at 10.35 a.m

On Tuesday, 4th March, Milan Paumer will receive from Czech Prime Minister Mirek Topolánek an Honorary Plaque, awarded to him in appreciation of his participation in resistance against the communist regime which seized power in Czechoslovakia in 1948. The programme of the ceremonial event will include a brief reflection on the so-called third resistance. Milan Paumer was one of the five members of the group led by the Mašín brothers who decided, at the beginning of October 1953, to overcome the Iron Curtain and flee to the West. After a dramatic escape via East Germany, which took them 29 days to cross, M. Paumer and the Mašín brothers reached the American sector of Berlin. The other two members of the group, Zbyněk Janata and Václav Švéda, were caught, extradited to Czechoslovakia and executed. After arrival in the United States, Milan Paumer joined the US army and was sent to Korea. Following a five-year service, he settled in Florida, where he made his living as a maintenance worker, aircraft repair man and taxi driver. He retired in 1998. He returned to the Czech Republic in 2001 and still actively participates in political life.

Press briefing will start at 10:35 a.m.
Journalists are advised to arrive at least 15 minutes before the start of the event, which will take place in Kramář Villa, Gogolova 1, Prague 1.

Press Department of the Czech Government Office

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