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Vláda Bohuslava Sobotky (29.01.2014 - 13.12.2017)

29. 1. 2014 17:32

Coalition agreement between the ČSSD and KDU-ČSL parties and the ANO movement for the 2013-2017 electoral period

On 13th January 2014 the ČSSD and KDU-ČSL parties and the ANO movement signed the final version of the coalition agreement defining the priority programme areas for the new government.

Government priorities

The parties to the agreement undertake to reflect the following development priorities for the Czech Republic in the work of their clubs in both chambers of parliament and in the Programme Declaration of the Czech Government:

  • Development of the conditions for free enterprise, enforceability of the law, the initiation of sustainable economic growth, improved competitiveness for the country’s economy, the creation of jobs with emphasis on problem regions, effective help for those living in need and balanced development of regions and towns. Efficient use of European funds to achieve these aims and more intensive construction of infrastructure.
  • Assessment and rebuilding of the state. Rationalisation of the economic management of the state. Audit of each Ministry. Audit of state assets. A ban on the state dealing with companies where the owner is not clear. The elimination of all forms of wastage of public funds. Transparent purchases. Introduction of electronic invoices in the state sphere and transparent publication of expenditure paid for by the tax payer, including small-scale transactions. Strengthening the management and control systems in public administration and extending the authority of the National Audit Office.
  • An uncompromising fight against all forms of corruption, serious economic crime, usury, unfair executions and bankruptcies.
  • Development of high-quality and freely available public services in the school system, health care, the social system, transport and security. General support for education, science, culture and sport.
  • The development of a democratic state operating under the rule of law and self-governing units with the aim of improving citizen involvement in decision-making.
  • Active membership of the European Union and NATO in line with the Czech Republic’s interests, activity within the United Nations in eliminating risks to international peace, support for equal collaboration between nations and involvement in efforts to combat international terrorism.

The parties to the agreement undertake that they will through their activities strive to meet these priorities in terms of both content and timing, in the spirit that this agreement was concluded.

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