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4. 12. 2015 12:19

V4 countries single out Energy Union building as a priority

At today's meeting of the prime ministers of the Visegrad Group Countries, the prime ministers of the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland and Slovakia labelled the building of the Energy Union as a priority not only for the Visegrad region, but for the EU as a whole. They also stressed that the European Union should grapple with the impacts of individual projects on countries in its immediate vicinity. With this in mind, today the V4 prime ministers also signed a letter addressed to the President of the European Council, Donald Tusk, to which Romania also decided to subscribe.

At today's summit, the Visegrad Group prime ministers also discussed the progress that had been made in the Energy Union project and hailed the emphasis that the European Commission was placing on energy security. The prime ministers stressed that it was absolutely crucial for all future energy infrastructure projects to comply fully with European Union law and with the principles on which the Energy Union is founded. The Visegrad Group prime ministers also noted that, in the preparation of any new gas infrastructure projects, the EU must assess not only the impact that implementation will have on the EU28, but must be just as assiduous in probing the effects that they will have on neighbouring countries.

In this context, the V4 prime ministers signed a letter addressed to the permanent President of the European Counsel, Donald Tusk, urging him to include the current state of play of the Energy Union on the agenda of the December European Council, with a stress on the themes of energy security and the diversification of resources, supplies and transmission routes, and to support the further implementation thereof. The Visegrad Group countries were joined in this initiative by Romania.

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