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22. 4. 2009 20:33

Topolánek: It is important that Moldova remains pro-European

The European Council President , currently on a visit to Kishinev with envoys of the European Commission, called upon representatives of the Moldovan government and the opposition to start a dialogue that would restore calm in Moldova.

“I spoke with the opposition, non-governmental organisations, Prime Minister Zinaida Greceanii and President Vladimir Voronin – and each has a different perception of the current situation. However, I think it is important that there is a will to start a dialogue, although it has not been expressed in writing so far”, declared the Czech Prime Minister, emphasising that the dialogue must lead to a situation where human rights and freedoms are respected, enemies are not slandered and violence is ended, not forgetting, for instance, that the opposition must also gain access to the media.

After the meeting, Moldovan President Vladimir Voronin stated that he appreciated the interest of the European Union and expressed his belief that it would help resolve the situation that escalated after the Parliamentary elections whose course and results have been contested by the opposition. “The most important thing now is to reach national accord and resolve this difficult situation together”, he said literally. “I thank the Czech Prime Minister for the specific suggestions with which he visited Kishinev.”

The Czech Prime Minister and the Moldovan President further discussed Moldovan-Romanian relations. Mirek Topolánek in this context pointed out that these relations would be one of the main issues on the agenda of the meeting of EU Foreign Ministers to be held in Brussels as soon as on 27 and 28 April.

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