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29. 1. 2009 9:36

Topolánek: EU must help Ukraine on its way to Euro-Atlantic structures

PM M. Topolánek meets Lech Kaczyński and Viktor Yushchenko.

The Czech Prime Minister and President of the European Council talked to Poland’s President Lech Kaczyński and Ukraine’s President Viktor Yushchenko in Wroclaw, Poland.

The meeting addressed issues related to the conflict between Russia and Ukraine over gas supplies to the EU. “The crisis is not over once and for all. As the President of the European Council, I will keep doing two things – I will keep explaining to our European partners that it is also in their vital interest to maintain Ukraine on the path towards Euro-Atlantic structures and that European integration is undergoing a trial, i.e. the need for a common energy policy,” said the Czech Prime Minister after the meeting.

Both Lech Kaczyński and Viktor Yushchenko agreed with Mirek Topolánek that the cut-off of supplies of Russian gas via Ukraine to the EU in January caused not only economic, but also political damage that must be remedied as fast as possible.

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