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24. 5. 2007 12:45

The State Security Council To Discuss Armed Forces Reform

This country’s State Security Council is meeting today to discuss reform of its armed forces in the light of last year’s completion of the first step in restructuring the Czech Army.

Army modernization involves, for instance, equipment and armaments. However, Defence Minister Vlasta Parkanová has recently announced that following the Government’s budgetary cuts the Army budget might drop even below this year’s mark, which accounts for 1.55 per cent of the gross domestic product. That is about 54 billion CZK. As a result, the Army would probably have to revise its reform plans.

The Czech Army has lately reached what are called its initial operating capabilities, a level that may be described as the capacity of the armed forces to meet the given tasks. Such goals involve not only the training of troops but also armaments and material provisions. Within the NATO the Czech Republic has pledged to build - for its initial operating capability - a brigade-level unit, numbering roughly 3,000 men, which can be deployed in conflict situations anywhere in the world.

The members of the Czech State Security Council are also expected to hear a report on migration in the territory of the Czech Republic for last year.

The State Security Council, an advisory body of the Government, is chaired by the Prime Minister, its other members including most government ministers. State Security Council sessions are also attended by the Governor of the Czech National Bank, chairman of the Administration of the State Material Reserves and head of the Office of the Government. The President of the Republic is also entitled to attend the Council meetings.
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