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7. 8. 2010 14:17

The Prime Minister's Comments on the Flood Situation in Northern Bohemia

I have been monitoring the critical flood developments in Northern Bohemia with maximum intensity. I have requested the interior and defence ministers to immediately head to the affected areas and to coordinate rescue work on location.

Units of the Integrated Rescue System have been activated, including the army. Reinforcement rescue workers from neighbouring regions have also joined in. In these hours, it is about saving lives and property.

I can assure all citizens that the government is devoting the greatest amount of attention to the situation and that it is prepared to assist with the remediation of flood damage as well. I am also in contact with the president of the Czech Republic, with the chairman of the Senate of the Czech Republic and with the chairman of the Association of Regions of the Czech Republic.

I would like to express my support and human solidarity with those who have been affected by the flooding, and also to those whom the floodwaters took away the most valuable things they have – their loved ones.

Petr Nečas, Prime Minister

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