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6. 4. 2023 8:58

The Kellner Family Foundation donates CZK 500 million to build a cancer research centre in Motol, Prague

From the left: Ondřej Slabý, Radek Špíšek, Jana Kotalíková, Vlastimil Válek, Renáta Kellnerová, Petr Fiala, Miloslav Ludvík, Tomáš Büchler, Tomáš Kalina.
From the left: Ondřej Slabý, Radek Špíšek, Jana Kotalíková, Vlastimil Válek, Renáta Kellnerová, Petr Fiala, Miloslav Ludvík, Tomáš Büchler, Tomáš Kalina.
The Kellner Family Foundation has formally agreed with Motol University Hospital and the Ministry of Health to build a Scientific and Diagnostic Oncology Centre at the Motol Hospital grounds. The Foundation will donate CZK 500 million towards the project, CZK 300 million being allocated to the research facility’s construction and the remaining CZK 200 million for later use by the centre to support scientific research and to purchase equipment once the centre opens in spring, 2026. According to the agreement, the Ministry of Health will provide CZK 240 million from its own resources to purchase the centre’s instruments and internal equipment. The agreement also includes a commitment that the research centre may use the memory of Petr Kellner’s name in commemoration.

“Cancer research and the search for a new generation of drugs to fight cancers was a matter close to Petr’s heart, and he sacrificed a great deal in pursuit of it,” said Renáta Kellnerová, chairwoman of the board of trustees of The Kellner Family Foundation and widow of PPF founder Petr Kellner. “PPF has invested tens of billions of crowns into SOTIO, the Group’s biotech company, which has been developing cancer drugs for more than 10 years now. A modern oncology diagnostic centre and state-of-the-art research facility in Prague was something Petr wanted very much, and I’m very happy that we can help this project become reality.”

“Cancer is the second most common cause of death in the Czech Republic and results in tens of thousands of people dying every year. Everyone knows somebody who has suffered the effects of this insidious disease. I am therefore delighted with the agreement between The Kellner Family Foundation, Motol University Hospital and the Ministry of Health, which will draw on CZK 500 million from private sources to build and run a Scientific and Diagnostic Oncology Centre. This is a substantial donation of funds that the Czech Republic greatly appreciates. I am confident that the centre will aid with cancer treatment and set an excellent example for further cooperation between the public and private sectors,” said Czech Prime Minister Petr Fiala.

“For me as a doctor and radiologist and as the Minister for Health, cancer treatment and research are high priorities, not only at the national level here but also generally throughout Europe. I greatly appreciate the generous donation from The Kellner Family Foundation, and all the more so because the centre that these funds will establish will be the property of the Czech Republic and undoubtedly deliver significant discoveries. We are gaining a world-class research centre that will strengthen the Czech Republic’s position as a leader in oncology research and care,” said Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Health Vlastimil Válek.

The Kellner Family Foundation was established by Renáta and Petr Kellner to support long-term educational projects for primary and secondary schools, teachers, and university students. The Foundation seeks out and supports motivated children and young people who are growing up in conditions that make it difficult or impossible for them to access quality education. Since 2002, the Kellner family has donated CZK 1.8 billion to socially beneficial projects through its foundations.

SOTIO Biotech is an international biotechnology company representing PPF Group’s endeavours in the research and development of new anti-cancer drugs. The company’s product range includes Interleukin-15 therapies, the CAR-T cell therapy platform, and a new generation of anti-cancer drugs based on antibody-drug conjugates (ADCs).

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