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8. 2. 2010 11:21

The Government Approved New National Cultural Heritage Sites

At its session today the Government approved thirty-eight new national cultural heritage sites

By virtue of the national heritage act the Government of the Czech Republic is competent to proclaim cultural heritage sites national cultural heritage sites.

Off the newly approved national cultural heritage sites thirty-three are immovable, five are movable. During the selection and reviewing process particular attention was devoted to the groups insufficiently represented in the current cultural heritage, so that a whole range of our cultural heritage was represented.

These include outstanding architectural works from the 19th and 20th centuries (Avion hotel in Brno, Císařské Lázně in Karlovy Vary) as well as the continuously disappearing folk architecture (Fojtství in Velké Karlovice, an agricultural farm in Krnín, Dlask´s Estate in Dolanky near Turnov), the unique cultural monuments reflecting the development of technology (the building of the former spinning mill with a sample room including the machine equipment on the site of the former Alois Larisch factory, sewage treatment plant in Bubeneč, Prague, railway car “Slovenská Strela”) and the pieces of art, which have not been as much represented so far (the Cross of Zavis from the Vyssi Brod Monastery, fragment of the Latin translation of the Dalimil´s Chronicle).

All the newly approved national cultural heritage sites are of the highest artistic, architectural, historical and technical quality.

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