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15. 11. 2018 16:15

The fifth Czech-Polish intergovernmental consultation was held in Prague

The fifth Czech-Polish intergovernmental consultation was held in Prague, 15 November 2018.
The fifth Czech-Polish intergovernmental consultation was held in Prague, 15 November 2018.
On Thursday, 15 November 2018, Prague hosted a joint meeting of representatives of the Czech and Polish governments. At the meeting, already the fifth, the members of the governments headed by Prime Ministers Andrej Babiš and Mateusz Morawiecki discussed mutual cooperation on individual issues. The Prime Ministers also discussed European issues such as the multiannual financial framework or migration.

Members of both governments first met at the opening ceremony at Kramář’s Villa. After separate talks, most of which took place at Straka Academy, they concluded the program with a working lunch at the Liechtenstein Palace.

The Czech Republic was represented by Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of the Environment Richard Brabec, Minister of Foreign Affairs Tomáš Petříček, Minister of Industry and Trade Marta Nováková, Minister of Transport Dan Ťok, Minister of Agriculture Miroslav Toman, Minister for Regional Development Klára Dostálová and Deputy Minister of the Interior.

Prime Minister Andrej Babiš appreciated the intergovernmental meeting as a great opportunity for a discussion on mutual relations, which maintains the tradition of the Czech-Polish dialogue. Both countries are also commemorating a hundred years of their statehood.

“I very much appreciate the fact that the Polish government has accepted the invitation to the fifth intergovernmental consultation, all the more so at a time when both countries celebrate a hundred years anniversary of their statehood. It is another proof of our close partnership”, said Prime Minister Andrej Babiš. “Together, we have established a solid tradition, which will be a permanent part of an open and constructive dialogue on Czech-Polish cooperation in other areas of common interest”, added Prime Minister Andrej Babiš.

Prime Minister Morawiecki and Prime Minister Babiš primarily discussed migration, where both countries share a similar view involving rigorous protection of the external borders and the fight against illegal migration. They also touched on the preparation of the December European Council, the multiannual financial framework and cohesion. Both statesmen also said that the good functioning of regional cooperation within the Visegrad Group is an important prerequisite for European cohesion.

Prime Minister Babiš also pointed out that Poland is currently the second largest trade partner of the Czech Republic with mutual turnover of more than EUR 20 billion. “I hope and believe that our mutual business will continue to prosper”, he said.

Both Prime Ministers also discussed the transport infrastructure connecting both countries and an environmental issue, namely the expansion of mining in the Turów mine near the border with the Czech Republic. “I have assured the Prime Minister that we appreciate the Polish intention to introduce such measures that will reduce the risk of groundwater loss, which could negatively affect the supply of drinking water on the Czech side. At the same time, we would welcome closer cooperation in the international environmental impact assessment”, said Andrej Babiš.

According to Prime Minister Babiš, there is also potential in the area of nuclear energy, where both countries face a decision on the use of nuclear energy and the construction of nuclear sources.

Czech-Polish intergovernmental consultations take place every one or two years. The last one took place in 2016 in Warsaw, the first one in 2011 in Prague. The Czech Republic holds the same regular meetings with the Government of Israel and also Slovakia.

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