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6. 5. 2015 14:23

The Czech Strategy in the EU approved by the Government

"The Czech Strategy in the EU: An Active and Intelligible Czech Republic in a United Europe" has been approved by the Government of the Czech Republic in accordance with its Programme Declaration.

In this Strategy the Government defines a new approach from the Czech Republic consisting of an active concept of its membership of the Union and clarity about its positions. A united European Union and fully-fledged membership of the Czech Republic within it are considered by the Government to be in the strategic interests of the Czech Republic.   

The Strategy includes four general goals of European integration and five priorities:

  • Operational Common Security and Defence Policy
  • Deepening the Single Market
  • Effective Use of Structural and Investment Funds
  • Common Action against Tax Evasion
  • Preparation for Accession to the Eurozone

The summary of the Strategy in English in attachment.

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