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23. 1. 2019 12:04

The Czech Republic is headed towards becoming a technological leader

Prime Minister Andrej Babiš introduces to journalists a new logo to promote the Czech Republic’s Innovation Strategy, 23 January 2019
Prime Minister Andrej Babiš introduces to journalists a new logo to promote the Czech Republic’s Innovation Strategy, 23 January 2019
The Czech Republic wants to be the country of the future. The R&D Council, headed by Prime Minister Andrej Babiš, approved on Wednesday, 23 January 2019, a key document “Innovation Strategy of the Czech Republic 2019–2030”, which the R&D Council prepared in close cooperation with a team of entrepreneurs, scientists, academics and representatives of the public administration. The strategy sets out new priorities, which, if achieved, should put the Czech Republic among the most innovative countries in Europe by 2030. Part of the strategy is also the introduction of a new brand “Czech Republic: The Country For The Future”.

“We have an extraordinary knowledge potential, we are a technology-oriented country and meet the strictest economic criteria. When should we undertake such bold changes if not at a time when we are one of the most stable economies in Europe, when our businesses are achieving record results, and our scientists are gaining ever greater respect in the world”, said Prime Minister Babiš in relation to the Innovation Strategy plan.

Fulfilling this framework strategic plan will be under the direct responsibility of the Prime Minister through the R&D Council headed by Andrej Babiš. “We are facing a very tough job, but I am convinced that we will jointly get our country back where it once belonged”, adds the Prime Minister.

The Innovation Strategy of the Czech Republic consists of nine strategic pillars, namely:  The Country for R&D, The Country for Technology, The Country for Startups,
The Country for Digitalization,
The Country for Excellence, The Country for Investment, The Country for Patents,
The Country for Smart Infrastructure and The Country for Smart People

Each pillar includes the background of the area, followed by framework objectives and instruments of predominantly legislative nature leading to their fulfilment. Once the strategy is approved by the R&D Council, a detailed action plan will be prepared for each pillar, which will be updated annually and reviewed at regular intervals by the Council. Each pillar has its institutional guarantor, usually a ministry, including a specific responsible manager.

The comparison of the current and future states relied on the Analysis of the Existing State of Research, Development and Innovation in the Czech Republic and a Comparison with the Situation Abroad, which the R&D Council prepares annually.

In connection with the approval of the Innovation Strategy of the Czech Republic, the Council members stressed the importance of supporting high-quality science in a large number of fields as a necessary knowledge base for achieving its objectives.

“From the beginning, we focused on making the strategy timeless, supra-ministerial and apolitical. The goal was not to eliminate or change, but to concentrate the decisive innovative activities under one roof and to supplement them with those that are clearly missing or not developing. From the beginning, we reflected the international environment, inspired by countries such as Switzerland, Finland, Sweden or Denmark, that is, countries that have become world-class by massive support for research and innovation”, said R&D Council Vice-President Karel Havlíček, who also coordinates the team of authors. Part of the strategy is also the introduction of a new brand “Czech Republic: The Country For The Future”. “If we want to attract the most capable innovators and to keep skilled young people here, we cannot just rely on our successful past but we must also offer them a prospective future”, explains Karel Havlíček.

Under other items on the meeting’s agenda, the R&D Council members were informed, among other things, about the current evaluation process in accordance with the new Methodology 2017+. The Council members approved the document “Proposal for the activities of the Council for Research, Development and Innovation for 2019”. The Council also acknowledged the support of the Ministry of Finance and the Grant Agency of the Czech Republic in cooperating on the implementation of ERC CZ, a programme which supports applicants for the prestigious ERC grants. The Grant Agency released CZK 100 million from its own unused expenses for these purposes and these funds will be further distributed by the Ministry of Education and the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic.

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