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6. 3. 2009 8:36

Representatives of all EU Member States to take part in EU-USA Summit in Prague

After consulting the European Commission and the U.S. administration of President Barack Obama, Mirek Topolánek will invite the highest representatives of all 27 EU Member States to the EU-USA Summit.

The Summit will take place on 5 April in Prague, i.e. immediately after the G20 Summit that will take place on 2 April in London and will address issues of global financial architecture and consequences of the financial crisis as well as issues of transatlantic safety and military cooperation, and after the NATO Summit held in Strasbourg on 4 April.

‘The Prague Summit will engage in a debate of the foreign-policy topics, such as the issues of energy and climate,’ stated Mirek Topolánek in relation to the preparation of the Copenhagen Summit in the fall.

American President Barack Obama should meet with the Czech Prime Minister for bilateral discussion already on the evening of 4 April.

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