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2. 11. 2010 9:57

Prime Minister: We want "dissenting tolerance," but they are refusing everything

Prime Minister Petr Nečas reacted today to announcements by labour unions who are refusing any changes to the labour code.

The prime minister has met repeatedly with the unions on numerous occasions. The disputed points were mainly changes in the pay system for state administration and changes to salary tables.

 "We have spent hours and hours with union leaders. We have patiently tried to offer various options. In the end we told them that we are requesting "dissenting tolerance" from them. After long days of meetings, I found out from union leaders that actually all of the talks have been of no importance, because they do not want any changes in the Labour Code at all. I respect that. It is their free right," the prime minister said.

Union leaders originally claimed that they understood the government's intention to decrease the volume of wage resources in the public sector by 10 percent. But today they announced that they do not even agree with this.

"I am sorry that due to their dissenting opinion there will apparently be a strike, but the government will not back down from this, because it would be self-defeating, would make it impossible to set the state budget for next year and would threaten credibility on financial markets," the prime minister added.

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