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25. 10. 2015 19:45

Prime Minister Sobotka met with Prime Minister Ensour in Jordan and was received by King Abdullah II.

Prime Minister Bohuslav Sobotka was received by King Abdullah II bin Al-Hussein on 25 October 2015.
Prime Minister Bohuslav Sobotka was received by King Abdullah II bin Al-Hussein on 25 October 2015.
During his visit to Jordon, on Sunday 25 October Prime Minister Sobotka met with Prime Minister Abdullah Ensour and was received by the Jordanian King, Abdullah II. The main topics addressed during the meeting included cooperation in the areas of defence and security, the fight against ISIL, the current situation regarding the refugee crisis and the related development and humanitarian aid the Czech Republic is providing to Jordan.

“The main focus of my discussions with Prime Minister Ensour and King Abdullah II concerned the current situation regarding the refugee crisis in Jordan and the surrounding area, possible solutions and the need to achieve peace and stability in countries where people are fleeing war, primarily Syria and Libya. The Czech Republic is working closely with Jordan to manage the wage of migration, this year we have provided over forty-five million Czech Crowns and humanitarian assistance to support the operation of one of the largest refugee camps, Zaatari, CZK thirty-five million was provided in aid for the MEDEVAC programme and we are working with Jordan in the fight against ISIL, both through supplies of ammunition and the training of Jordanian soldiers. The Czech Republic is prepared to continue to assist Jordan through specific programmes and next year the aid package should rise to around CZK one hundred thousand,” said Prime Minister Sobotka.

The meetings between the Czech Premier and the Jordanian Prime Minister and King also addressed cooperation between the two countries on economic issues and tourism.

Jordan’s strategic location and the relative stability enjoyed by the country makes it one of the most promising Middle Eastern partners in terms of trade.

“We discussed specific areas where we can deepen our trade relations and create opportunities for Czech and Jordanian companies, for example in the energy sector or the armaments industry, as well as in water management, including wastewater treatment. We would also like to develop the exchange of tourists and we also took the opportunity to discuss the possibility of opening a Jordanian embassy in Prague, which the Czech Republic is very interested in promoting. I also invited Prime Minister Ensour to visit the Czech Republic,” added Czech Prime Minister Sobotka.

Alongside the Czech Republic, Jordan is a member of the Global Coalition against ISIL and is actively participating in air strikes against this terrorist organisation. Security and defence is one of the most important areas of Czech-Jordanian cooperation. The Czech Republic is helping to train the Jordanian armed forces, particularly in defence against weapons of mass destruction. Since 2013 the Czech Army has regularly sent its instructors to Jordan and this year Jordanian soldiers also attended a training programme in the Czech Republic.

“We enjoy extremely close cooperation with Jordan in the military sphere. We are interested in continuing this cooperation over the coming years. The Jordanians are extremely appreciative of the training in defence against weapons of mass destruction the Czech Army has provided for Jordanian soldiers since 2013. It is important for our army to work with Jordan in areas such as teaching sensitivity to cultural differences, which our soldiers can use as preparation for foreign missions,” said Prime Minister Sobotka.

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