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22. 6. 2017 21:27

Prime Minister Sobotka and 16 other European statesmen call for greater emphasis on digital agenda at the European summits

Prime Minister Bohuslav Sobotka, together with representatives of 16 other EU member states, called upon Donald Tusk, the President of the European Council, to reaffirm the digital agenda as the EU's political priority. The topic that will be addressed by the European Council in June is one of the key tasks of the current Czech government.

In a letter addressed to the President of the European Council, 17 leaders of the member states emphasize the role of the digital agenda for the EU's future and ask Donald Tusk to regularly discuss this issue at European top-level summits. At the same time, the letter sets out the objectives for Europe in the digital domain - we need to take care of creating a friendly business environment, take care of our citizens and consumers and of protecting their rights, take care of a reasonable and non-burdensome regulation and a coordinated approach to interrelated issues and we must have global ambitions.

The field of digital agenda and the constructing of a unified digital market is a long-term important issue for the Czech government. That is also why, during its mandate, it has established the office of the Czech Republic Digital Agenda Coordinator, which, besides other things, is responsible for supervising the compliance of the national legislation and the positions we promote in Brussels.

The digital agenda has all the prerequisites needed to bring us closer to the European Union we want – modern and ready for action. This is a point that in this turbulent time brings the EU together and where the member states can stand out regardless of their size.

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