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25. 3. 2009 11:00

Prime Minister responds to no-confidence vote

Mirek Topolánek expects the President of the Czech Republic, Václav Klaus, to follow custom by instructing him to form a new government.

Regarding the outcome of the vote, Prime Minister Mirek Topolánek said that the bookmakers had gauged the situation in the House of Deputies correctly when they said the odds were fifty-fifty, and stressed that the result was swayed by his refusal to be blackmailed.

The Prime Minister said that this was a standard situation anticipated by law and that the Government would naturally play by the book. "I will tender my resignation to the President as required of me by the Constitution," explained the Prime Minister, and added that, in his view, the situation would become more complicated rather than simpler.

Commenting on future developments, the Prime Minister said: "The President should follow standard practice and instruct me to form the next government. If I fail to form a government, we will not support a government of experts."

Mirek Topolánek closed by stating that "you might say I had foreseen this situation and so it hardly caught me by surprise."

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Prohlášení premiéra M. Topolánka po vyslovení nedůvěry vládě

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