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15. 12. 2010 17:18

Prime Minister Petr Nečas' announcement on the resignation of Environment Minister Pavel Drobil, and the outgoing minister's statement

Prime Minister Petr Nečas' announcement on the resignation of Environment Minister Pavel Drobil

Mr. Pavel Drobil has my confidence. I consider him to be a respectable and honest man. I am convinced that he did nothing illegal or unethical. His only mistake was managerial in nature - a poor choice of people who had character flaws he did not recognise, and which have now appeared in full starkness. I want to say that this affair, which has run in the media since yesterday, was something we resolved on Monday evening.

I am convinced that the passage of the state budget is the key task for this government. This budget is a necessity for our country. We cannot allow political games and political obstructions to prevent the proposed state budget from being passed today in its third reading, to allow the Chamber of Deputies to be possibly blocked by a media affair. It is for this reason that we have now acceded to this step, which was agreed to in advance following the passage of the state budget.

Later, when Pavel Drobil refutes all the media accusations against him, I, as prime minister, will continue to clearly count on him. I will emphasise that at this moment the investigation, a thorough investigation, should and must proceed. The investigation must go into detail and I clearly also respect the principle of "come what may." If someone has broken the law, they should be charged, they should face a court and they should be punished.

Immediately after I return from the meeting of the European Council in Brussels, I will meet with the president of the Czech Republic to resolve this matter in accordance with the Constitution.

Petr Nečas, Prime Minister of the Czech Republic

Statement by Outgoing Environment Minister Pavel Drobil

On Monday night I presented the prime minister with information that had appeared in the media. Although I am convinced that insofar as myself personally, no other mistakes were made except for in personnel, in the choice of some of my co-workers. I have decided that in no way will I allow this media affair to be misused to discredit the government of Prime Minister Petr Nečas and the Civic Democratic Party.

For this reason, on Monday night, I presented Mr. Nečas with my decision to resign as minister. However, I have requested of prime minister that this take effect after the personnel situation at the State Environment Fund is resolved. I did not want to allow people who record their co-workers or who tell fairy tales about alleged tasks from the minister to continue to work at the ministry.

The prime minister agreed to my request, and at the same time asked of me that I remain in my position until the close of the programme of Tuesday's government meeting, where the point on the co-tender was interrupted, and, at the same time, after the passage of the Czech Republic's state budget for 2011.

Pavel Drobil, outgoing environment minister

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