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15. 4. 2009 15:53

Prime Minister M. Topolánek inaugurated the international Conference on Resistance and Opposition Against Communist Regimes

Czech Prime Minister Mirek Topolánek inaugurated this morning the international conference “Resistance and Opposition against the Communist Regime in Czechoslovakia and Central Europe,” which is being held within the scope of the Czech presidency of the European Union.

„I am glad that I stood by the founding of this Institute and I hope that it survives not only my government, but future governments, as well,“ said Topolánek at the beginning of his speech. Topolánek emphasized that he considers the conference held under his auspices as important, and that none of those who did not experience the Communist dictatorship themselves knows how he would have behaved if it had come down to a choice between good and evil. “We have to be careful that we do not exchange the dictatorship of totalitarianism for a dictatorship of majority opinion,” added Topolánek, who further commented in his speech, broadcast by Czech Television, that “hell does not lurk outside, but inside”.

Programme of the conference

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