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23. 10. 2009 16:31

Prime Minister Fischer today held talks with the US Vice-President.

Prime Minister Jan Fischer today met the US Vice-President Joe Biden.

The topic for the joint discussions was a new strategic concept for anti-missile defence. Vice-President Biden said that the new concept will prepare the Alliance for current threats and emphasised that the United States was interested in having the preparation "also have Czech input".
"We spoke of the potential role of the Czech Republic in a new architecture capable of protecting not just the United States but also yourselves and Europe", said Biden and Prime Minister Fischer confirmed that "the Czech Republic is ready to to share in the design of a new architecture for anti-missile defence".
The Prime Minister said that for the moment the Czech Republic will be seeking a place in the project and will further specify its role. The Prime Minister also pointed out that the system is now configured as a NATO project. At a press conference the Vice-President highlighted the Czech Republic's success in resolving the gas crisis at the beginning of the year and its involvement in the Nabucco project. He also said that he sees the Czech Republic as a model in the successful building of democracy and that the Czech Republic is also an inspiration for other countries where democracy is still taking root.
Biden also expressed appreciation for the Czech Army's mission in Afghanistan and the activities of the provincial reconstruction team in Logar, where American and Czech units stand side by side.

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