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24. 4. 2023 17:00

Prime Minister Fiala held talks with the Prime Minister and President of Kazakhstan

Prime Minister Petr Fiala met with Prime Minister Alikhan Smailov, 24 April  2023.
Prime Minister Petr Fiala met with Prime Minister Alikhan Smailov, 24 April 2023.
At the beginning of his visit to Kazakhstan, Prime Minister Petr Fiala met with Prime Minister Alikhan Smailov and President Kasym-Zomart Tokayev in Astana. He then launched the Czech-Kazakh Business Forum. Before his departure, he paid tribute to the women of the USSR’s largest labour camp at the very place that witnessed one of the greatest human tragedies of the 20th century.

Together with Prime Minister Smailov and President Tokayev, Prime Minister Fiala discussed mainly strengthening cooperation in the energy sector, but also defence and transport. Kazakhstan is one of the leading suppliers of oil to the Czech Republic and is the richest country in Central Asia, with which the Czech Republic has historically had very good trade relations. Of importance are also the local uranium reserves, which the Czech Republic could use for nuclear power plants.

The turnover of mutual trade with Kazakhstan in 2022 reached almost USD 1.3 billion (approx. CZK 28 billion). The largest growth of Czech exports to Kazakhstan was in reactors, boilers, motor vehicles, tractors, bicycles, as well as sound recording and reproduction equipment. There are currently about 30 Czech companies operating in Kazakhstan.

Omnipol is successful in the field of aviation, repairing and modernising L-39 aircraft and selling L-410 aircraft of the Czech company Aircraft Industries. In case of further deliveries, this company could also produce part of the aircraft directly in Kazakhstan.

In Kazakhstan, Škoda Transportation is currently involved in several tenders for trains, trolleybuses and trams. Some of it is going to be produced here and I think the chances of succeeding in the tenders are great. In addition to Škoda Transportation, there is another Škoda active here – Škoda Auto, which plans to produce cars for the whole Central Asian region with a local partner. Both sides are interested in establishing a direct Prague-Astana route, not only for trade and economic relations, but also for the exchange of students,”said Petr Fiala.

The Prime Minister then opened a business forum in Astana, organised jointly with Prime Minister Smailov and the Chamber of Commerce, where the discussion focused on deepening trade relations. During this business forum, six agreements and memoranda were signed, including a memorandum between Prague Zoo and the Forestry and Wildlife Committee of the Ministry of Ecology of Kazakhstan on the project of returning Przewalski’s horses to Kazakhstan, i.e. to their original habitat.

Before his departure, the Prime Minister visited a former USSR women's labour camp built during the Stalinist repression. The camp was used for women of the so-called traitors. They were sent there, sometimes with their children. The ALZhIR Memorial Complex was built to commemorate one of the greatest human tragedies of the 20th century. More than 18,000 women passed through the camp and some of them died there.

It is important to commemorate such memorials and to honour the victims of totalitarianism everywhere in the world,” said the Prime Minister.

The Prime Minister has already visited the Philippines, Indonesia, Singapore and Vietnam as part of his business trip. From Kazakhstan, Prime Minister Petr Fiala headed to Uzbekistan for the last part of his trip to Asia.


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