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7. 7. 2023 13:03

Prime Minister Fiala discussed with President Zelensky further aid and post-war reconstruction of Ukraine

Prime Minister Petr Fiala met President Zelensky at the Straka Academy, 7 July 2023.
Prime Minister Petr Fiala met President Zelensky at the Straka Academy, 7 July 2023.
On Friday, 7 July 2023, the Prime Minister of the Czech Republic, Petr Fiala, met with the President of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelensky, at the Straka Academy. The Prime Minister confirmed that the Czech Republic will donate more attack helicopters, hundreds of thousands of large-calibre ammunition and will also help train pilots. The two leaders discussed Ukraine's post-war reconstruction and the involvement of Czech companies, the prospects of Ukraine's membership in the EU and NATO, and the agenda of the upcoming North Atlantic Treaty Organisation summit in Vilnius. During the visit, the Czech and Ukrainian sides signed a Memorandum of Understanding on military assistance.

Prime Minister Fiala stressed that this visit only underlines the close friendship between the two countries and that support for Ukraine is one of the government's foreign policy priorities. The Czech Republic is providing military, material, financial and humanitarian assistance to Ukraine and will continue to do so. The Czech Republic is one of the largest suppliers of military aid to Ukraine, having sent 676 pieces of heavy equipment and over 4 million pieces of medium and large-calibre ammunition. “Every day, since the first day of the war, roughly 10,000 pieces of ammunition and at least one tank, rocket launcher, IFV, howitzer or something similar are leaving the Czech Republic for Ukraine. We must continue to help, not only the Czech Republic but the whole democratic world. Today, I confirmed that we will donate more attack helicopters to Ukraine and hundreds of thousands more large-calibre ammunition in the upcoming months. The Czech Republic will also help Ukraine with the training of pilots, including training for F-16 aircraft, and will deliver flight simulators to Ukraine so that training can take place not only in the West but also directly in Ukraine," said Prime Minister Fiala.

During the visit, a Memorandum of Understanding was also signed between the Ministry of Defence of the Czech Republic and the Ministry of Strategic Industries of Ukraine. The Memorandum opens the door for closer cooperation in a number of specific areas, in particular in weapons repair and maintenance, weapons and ammunition development, and armour modernisation and repair. For more information, please see  the press release of the Ministry of Defence.

The key topic of the meeting was the post-war reconstruction of Ukraine. The Czech Republic supports the EUR 50 billion Facility for Ukraine proposed by the European Commission. Ukraine can count on the support of the EU and individual countries. The interest of Czech companies to participate in the reconstruction of Ukraine is great. “The President has assured me that he and the whole of Ukraine are aware of the Czech Republic's assistance to date and that he is ready to support Czech companies’ involvement in the reconstruction of Ukraine.  I mentioned today, for example, the interest in cooperation on the part of Škoda JS in the field of nuclear energy or Škoda Transportation, which is in the final stage of the tender for the modernisation of the Kiev metro and is also interested in supplies for railways and other possible projects,” added the Prime Minister.

Next week, a 30-member delegation of representatives from the energy, health and transport sectors, led by the Government Commissioner for Reconstruction of Ukraine, Tomáš Kopečný, will visit Ukraine. The government also plans to support the involvement of Czech companies in the reconstruction of Ukraine in the form of export insurance.

Regarding Ukraine's EU membership prospects, Prime Minister Fiala praised the progress in reforms in the judiciary, media, the fight against corruption and the rule of law, which Ukraine has achieved despite the difficult conditions. “I am convinced that Ukraine's future lies in the EU and NATO, which will ensure that a similar situation we are now facing in Europe will not happen again,” he said, adding that he expects all NATO allies to clearly support Ukraine in its efforts to join the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation at the upcoming NATO summit in Vilnius. Ukraine can count on the voice of the Czech Republic.

At the end of the visit, the two politicians laid flowers at the plaque commemorating events of November 17 in Národní Street.

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