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19. 4. 2013 21:58

Prime Minister: Czech companies and products successful in Estonia and Finland

Prime Minister Petr Nečas has recently visited Estonia and Finland. He met the Prime Ministers of both countries and spoke at business conferences. In both of these northern countries Czech companies are finding opportunities in the development of transport and energy sector infrastructure.

Prime Minister Nečas began his trip on Thursday in Tallinn in Estonia with discussions with the Estonian Prime Minister Andrus Ansip. On Friday he held talks in Helsinki with Finnish Prime Minister Jyrki Katainen and was received by the Finnish President Sauli Niinistö; in both countries he also met the leaders of parliament. The Prime Minister was accompanied on the whole of his trip by a large trade mission. Prime Minister Nečas spoke to Czech businessmen and their Estonian and Finnish partners at business conferences organised in both countries as part of his visits.

On Thursday 18th April 2013, Prime Minister Nečas visited Estonia.

Our joint interest is the completion of the common internal market in the EU

The Estonian part of the trip began with discussions with Prime Minister Ansip. An important topic for the discussions was the European agenda, and in particular the topics of the future of Economic and Monetary Union, progress on talks on the Multiannual Financial Framework and also the need to complete the common internal market in the EU. "The Czech Republic places great emphasis on completion of the EU common internal market in terms of its support for economic growth and employment", said Prime Minister Nečas at a press conference.

The Prime Ministers also held discussions on the common digital market, which would inter alia allow citizens simplified electronic communication with the authorities, and is considered by Prime Minister Nečas to be key to making use of the potential which the EU internal market represents. "Estonia has extensive experience in the digital field and for example in eGovernment can serve as a model for the other member states", the Prime Minister stated.

For the Czech Republic Estonia is an interesting partner in advanced technology

Estonia also specialises in the fight against cyberterrorism. Tallinn is host to the NATO Centre for Cyber Security. During their discussions, the Prime Minister advised his counterpart that the Czech Republic will accept an offer from the Estonian side to contribute to the work of this institution by sending a specialist to work there. Estonia is also an interesting partner for the Czech Republic in the area of training and research generally, as Prime Minister Nečas emphasised at a press conference following the discussions: "The Prime Minister and I can say that collaboration between us has developed more than satisfactorily over the last few months. I am extremely pleased that there is considerable interest in the Czech Republic in collaboration with the ancient University in Tartu and with Estonian research institutions.“

Trade with Estonia is growing

According to the statistics recent months have seen an end to the fall in trade between the Czech Republic and Estonia which began in 2009, and now the results of trade between the two countries are at their highest in the history of mutual relations. A major share of current trade is taken by car exports.

On Thursday 19th April 2013, Prime Minister Nečas visited Finland.

We wish to be involved in the construction of the metro in Helsinki

The main topic for Friday's discussions between Prime Minister Nečas and Finnish Prime Minister Jyrki Katainen was economic and trade links between the two countries. "I consider Finland a significant partner, not just because of our well developed trading ties, but also for the wide range of things which we have in common", said Prime Minister Nečas.

Petr Nečas emphasis the continuing interest of Czech companies in supplying their goods and services to Finland. He also referred to specific projects in which Czech suppliers might be involved. "Czech companies have proved their worth in Finland and are considered reliable and experienced, especially in those areas which are currently reinforcing the Finnish economy - construction, transport infrastructure, engineering and modern technologies.", said the Czech Prime Minister, also referring to specific projects in which it might be possible to involve Czech suppliers. These include the construction of the metro in Helsinki, new power stations and public transport vehicles. "For example, the Czech Republic is following with interest the construction of the metro between Helsinki and Espoo, in which Czech companies are involved, and the plans to develop tram transport in other cities."

Finnish Prime Minister travels in a Czech car

According to the Czech Prime Minister, Finland represents a strong partner in the economic field, and the Czech Republic, which is strongly export-oriented, is keen to strengthen trade links. Czech companies export mainly engineering goods to Finland. Czech cars also have a very good reputation here and Prime Minister Katainen himself mentioned at the press conference that he drives a Škoda.

During a working lunch with Prime Minister Nečas, the Leader of the Finnish Parliament Eero Heinäluoma said that the collapse in the Finnish economy associated with the economic recession was twice as large as in the Czech Republic. According to him, one positive result is that the ending of the recession opens up new opportunities for mutual trade.

Finland is a leader in innovation

As in Estonia, questions on research and development were among the points of emphasis in the discussions with Finnish partners. "Finland, a world-leader in investing in innovation, can serve as a model for other countries in a number of respects. I therefore warmly welcome a strengthening of joint Czech-Finnish collaboration in this area and I would be pleased to invite more Finnish investors to the Czech Republic", Prime Minister Nečas stated at the press conference.

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