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18. 12. 2017 20:10

Premier Babiš met with the US and Polish Ambassadors in the Czech Republic

V pondělí 18. prosince 2017 přijal předseda vlády Andrej Babiš na Úřadě vlády nového velvyslance Spojených států amerických Stephena B. Kinga a odcházející velvyslankyni Polské republiky v ČR Grażynu Bernatowiczovou.

Premier Andrej Babiš and the US Ambassador in the Czech Republic, Stephen B. King, discussed mainly mutual trade relations. Other topics included cooperation in defence and security, and the upcoming celebration of the 100th anniversary of establishing an independent Czechoslovakia, falling on 2018. Stephen B. King submitted his credentials to the hands of the President Miloš Zeman on 6 December 2017.

At the meeting with the Polish Ambassador, Grażyna Bernatowicz, who is leaving her post in the Czech Republic after four years of successful work, the Prime Minister Andrej Babiš spoke of bilateral Czech-Polish cooperation, regional formats as well as European matters. Over the last four years, the Czech-Polish cooperation further strengthened in areas such as economy, energy, transport infrastructure, security or the environment. An important platform for intensifying the relations between the Czech Republic and Poland is also the cross-border cooperation or cooperation as part of the Visegrad Group. Both countries have been close partners in the European Union over the long term. The Ambassador thanked the Czech premier, among other things, for the exemplary care that the Czech government takes of the Polish national minority in the Czech Republic.

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