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15. 12. 2017 18:01

Premier Babiš discussed the future of the Euro Area and Brexit progress with European statesmen

European Council meeting, 15 December 2017. Source: The European Union.
European Council meeting, 15 December 2017. Source: The European Union.
The second day of the European Council meeting hosted a Eurosummit and negotiations of 27 Member States about Brexit. European statesmen discussed the future of the Economic and Monetary Union. In the afternoon meeting, EU27 leaders agreed on a sufficient progress in Brexit negotiations and pushed the process to the next stage.

Stability of the Euro Area is very important for the Czech Republic because the Czech economy is closely economically linked to euro countries as the majority of our export is directed there. Since the CR has not yet ratified the fiscal pact, Czech premier Andrej Babiš attended today's meeting as an observer. “I see it as a mistake that Czechia has not yet ratified the fiscal pact. We have long been maintaining and promoting balanced public finances, so I cannot see a reason to delay the ratification process, and my aim will be to complete it successfully,“ Prime Minister Andrej Babiš said after the meeting. He also said that the CR was ready to take part in discussions about next steps to strengthen the stability of the Euro Area.

Today, the European Council also dealt with the issue of the Great Britain's leaving the EU, in the format of 27 Member States without the participation of the British Prime Minister. EU27 leaders, on a proposal by EU negotiator Michel Barnier, stated that a partial progress regarding the fundamental conditions of the Great Britain's leaving the EU has been achieved. “It is good that we have succeeded in moving to the next stage of the Brexit negotiations today. We do not take Brexit lightly, but European politics must not shrink only to talks about negotiations of the Great Britain's exit. Great Britain will always be an ally for us and it is important to maintain the best possible relations with it and to protect the rights of our citizens working in the Great Britain. Beyond a trade agreement, cooperation in the area of security and defence will be crucial,“ the Czech premier said.

Thanks to today's deal, Brexit negotiations may enter the next stage, during which negotiators will focus on the transitory period and setting up of future relations between the EU and Great Britain.

The afternoon meeting of the European Council was the final event of the first foreign trip of Andrej Babiš in the role of the Prime Minister. Yesterday he met with premiers of other V4 countries, the President of the European Commission Jean-Claud Juncker and the President of the European council Donald Tusk.

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