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18. 2. 2020 11:24

Prague to Host the Second 5G Security Conference

During 5–6 May, already the second year of the conference on the 5th generation network security titled Prague 5G Security Conference will take place in Prague. In cooperation with the Office of the Government of the Czech Republic, it is again organised by the National Cyber and Information Security Agency (NCISA). The aim of the conference this time will be to bring specific solutions to security problems of 5G networks, which were named by the last year's conference of the same name.

Last year of this global conference resulted in the announcement of the so-called Prague designs, which helped establish the principle of risk assessment of suppliers of the 5th generation network components, including the inclusion of non-technical principles, such as trust in a respective supplier. These principles were then fully reflected in the so-called 5G security toolbox, which was adopted by EU Member States and is valid at the EU-wide level. It is a set of risk measures to mitigate the development of 5th generation networks

This year's goal will be to establish tools and solutions that have been pushed through within the EU, also at the partners from third countries such as Australia, Japan, South Korea and the United States. The opening of the so-called Prague 5G Repository will be the outcome of the conference. It will be a set of measures that may be adopted or adapted to specific conditions anywhere in the world and will contribute to mitigate the risks of building 5G networks.

The Czech contribution to this set will be, besides the mentioned 5G security toolbox, in the discussion and preparation of which the Czech Republic played a crucial role, also a comprehensive risk analysis system developed and used by the NCISA. It is a methodology that may be used by any private or public organisation to assess the risks associated with the operation of critical information systems. It will also include a case study of the use of this methodology in building 5G networks. The Czech Republic is ready to share this know-how with its foreign partners.

The conference will take place from 5 to 6 May on the premises of the National Museum in Prague.

The list of participants, topics discussed and information for the media will be updated during March.


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