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4. 11. 2010 15:39

Poland and the Czech Republic to take coordinated action in the EU

Both prime ministers agreed on basic positions on current European-level issues being discussed as well as domestic issues.

“Budget security in Europe should be expanded," said Polish Prime Minister Donald Tusk, adding that he spoke with Czech Prime Minister Petr Nečas about a new financial rescue mechanism, which should take effect in Europe after 2013 and is now being discussed in relation to possible changes in the Lisbon Treaty.

Petr Nečas, Donald Tusk

Nečas emphasised that the possible changes to the Lisbon Treaty being discussed in Brussels would require a complicated ratification process in the Czech Republic. In the event of serious encroachments of primary law, a referendum would be necessary, he said. Tusk mentioned that such changes must not be change for change's sake: "They would have to be well thought-out and positive for all member states."

During their talks, the prime ministers also agreed that the European Union must also save in a time of budget cuts in most Member States. "We agree that the budget should not grow by 6 %, but only by 2 %," Tusk said, adding that this is only a decrease in growth, not a cut in spending.

Prime Minister Tusk also said his government is currently submitting an entire package of changes which should cut its deficit. These include such things as limiting the volume of wage resources in the state apparatus and changes to VAT. "Cuts must be made," Tusk emphasised.

Both prime ministers also spoke about next year, when two of the four members of the Visegrad Group will hold the presidency of the European Council. Hungary will lead Europe in the first half of next year, and Poland will take over in July. One of the main topics of their presidencies will be the future form of the EU budget as well as EU enlargement, because the EU-27 should expand to include Croatia in 2012.

Petr Nečas, Donald Tusk

In his trip to Warsaw, Prime Minister Nečas also met with Polish President Bronisław Komorowský. The main topic of their meeting was the connection of energy networks and cooperation within NATO. President Komorowski said connecting gas pipelines in the Těšín area by the planned deadline was among his priority interests. Nečas confirmed that the Czech Republic has an interest in building north-south gas pipeline connections. "It is in our common interest that we not become dependent on a single dominant source and route of oil and gas," Prime Minister Nečas added.

In discussions on further possibilities for cooperation within the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation, both leaders agreed that the core activities of the alliance must be the fulfilment of Article 5 of the alliance agreement - the defence of the territory of its member states. According to both leaders, the states of the Visegrad Four could cooperate more closely in the area of defence and mutually integrate selected activities. This could bring financial savings as well, they said.

In Thursday's visit to Warsaw, Prime Minister Nečas also met with Grzegorz Schetyna, the marshal of the Sejm, and Bogdan Borusewicz, the marshal of the Senate, as well as with Waldemar Pawlak, the deputy prime minister, economy minister and chairman of the Polish People's Party.

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