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10. 7. 2009 9:38

Novelties in Communication with the Authorities: Data Boxes

Systém datových schránek / Data boxes
Systém datových schránek / Data boxes
As of July 1, 2009 the Ministry of Interior has launched into operation a system of data boxes.

Data boxes change the mode of communication between citizens and the authorities. Data boxes are designed for sending and receiving official documents in an electronic form. Based on the use of state-of-the-art information technologies, the new communication method guarantees greater efficiency, speed and reliability of information transfer.

Effective as of the beginning of July 2009, the relevant law lays down a data box system identical with the delivery of documents in written form.

What is a Data Box?

Data box is an electronic storage space destined for the sending and receiving of electronic documents relating to the public authorities. This means that, for instance, a “registered letter“ may be sent to a businessman’s data box. Via his data box a citizen or a legal entity may send a registered letter to an appropriate authority.

Data boxes cannot be regarded as classic e-mail boxes. Data boxes cannot be used to communicate with individual civil officers and other natural persons. This involves the kind of communication proceeding exclusively with a public authority. Data box is not an archive of electronic documents either.

Pursuant to the relevant law, a data box is created for legal entities registered in the Commercial Register, for legal entities established by law, and for public authorities. Citizens are not obliged to have their own data boxes.

Advantages of a Data Box

Accessibility from any place where the Internet is available.

Time saving, no problems with mail delivery and no need to visit the post-office.

Financial savings - this service is provided free of charge.

Representation – other persons may be appointed to have access to a data box and handle correspondence, and even messages addressed to one’s own hands.

Widespread use – data boxes will be created by statute for all public authorities.

Disadvantages of a Data Box

• Since the time of its accessing a data box must be regularly collected, if not an official document is deemed to have been delievered within 10 days.

• One has to work with electronic originals of documents, and is obliged to ensure their long-term storage.

• Data box cannot be used for communication between two natural persons or legal entities.

• For the time being, it will not be possible to use the data box information system for communication with foreign subjects that are not based in the Czech Republic

All the data kept within the data box system are not public. The administrator of the data box information system is the Ministry of Interior, its operator is the Czech Post.

You will find additional information on data boxes at the Internet web pages

On that site you will also find exact procedures how to go about creating a data box.

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