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15. 7. 2010 16:33

New Ministers Are Now In Control of All Ministries

This morning Prime Minister Petr Nečas completed the inauguration of ministers in their functions.

Outgoing Agriculture Minister Jakub Šebesta immediately met his successor, Ivan Fuksa, this morning at the ministry. During his inauguration, the new minister revealed the ministry's first steps, including the preparation of base materials for the government's programme announcement and the resolution of the situation at the Lesy ČR [Czech Republic Forests] company. Ivan Fuksa then marked as his priority negotiations with the European Union on conditions for Czech farmers.

Gustav Slamečka then inaugurated Vít Bárta into his position as the new transportation minister. He sees as his ministry's main priorities as being the release of competition on the railways and making the use of money allocated to the transportation ministry.

The next to take over his office was Martin Kocourek, who will lead the Ministry of Trade and Industry after Vladimír Tošovský. Ensuring the Czech Republic's energy security, the modernisation of nuclear sources and the liberalisation of the energy market are among the new minister's main priorities.

At the Ministry for Local Development on Prague's Old Town Square, outgoing minister Rostislav Vondruška greeted his successor, Kamil Jankovský. Jankovský set as his main goal the preparation of legislation in the area of public tenders. The Prime Minister used this occasion to discuss the improvement of gaining subsidies from European funds. Just as with other offices, Nečas emphasised the necessity of dealing with a smaller budget.

The final minister to be ceremonially inaugurated was Leoš Heger, who will now lead the Health Ministry. He was inaugurated by outgoing Minister Dana Jurásková. The new head of the Health Ministry will try to again establish cooperation with the Czech Medical Chamber and to work on setting the items which are standard and above standard in health care.

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