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11. 5. 2009 10:09

New Government of the Czech Republic

President Václav Klaus on Friday appointed a new Government of the Czech Republic. The Prime Minister is Jan Fischer and his new cabinet consists of 16 members.

Jan Kohout takes the office of Deputy Premier and Minister of Foreign Affairs,

Martin Barták was appointed Deputy Premier and Minister of Defence,

Eduard Janota becomes Minister of Finance,

Štefan Füle was appointed Minister for European Affairs,

Martin Pecina leads the Ministry of the Interior,

Rostislav Vondruška leads the Ministry for Regional Development,

Daniela Kovářová takes the office of Minister of Justice,

Dana Jurásková heads the Ministry of Health,

Miroslava Kopicová leads the Ministry of Education,

Michael Kocáb retains the post of Minister for Human Rights,

Ladislav Miko was appointed Minister for the Environment,

Gustáv Slamečka leads the Ministry of Transport,

Petr Šimerka takes the office of Minister of Labour and Social Affairs,

Vladimíř Tošovksý was appointed Minister of Industry and Trade,

Jakub Šebesta leads the Ministry of Agiculture,

Václav Riedlbauch takes the Ministry of Culture.

More information about new ministers you can find on Members of the government section.

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