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12. 10. 2010 14:28

Nečas: We will do everything to improve air quality

Prime Minister Petr Nečas, together with Environment Minister Pavel Drobil and MP from the Věci veřejné [Public Affairs] party publicly introduced amendments to the air quality protection law today.

"We are aware that this is a serious problem and that it requires the fastest possible solution. The winter months are approaching, when an inversion layer situation, especially in the Moravia-Silesia region, could be even worse than it already is. This is why we have chosen the faster way - a parliamentary proposal for the law," Prime Minister Nečas explained.

The amendment will be presented together by MPs from the coalition parties Pavel Drobil (ODS), Kristýna Kočí (VV) and Pavol Lukša (TOP09).

Their goal is to improve air quality in the Moravia-Silesia region and in other areas where emissions limits have been greatly exceeded. "We especially want to decrease the burden on citizens who are exposed to health risks," Environment Minister Drobil emphasised.

The amendment introduces emissions limits for limited groups of sources. Until now, authorities have judged each source individually. The new tool enables the setting of an overall limit for more sources in the given area.

Low-emissions zones are another innovation. "Cities will be able to specify zones which can be entered only by cars which fulfil given emissions parameters. Similar measures have been proven in a number of western European cities," MP Kristýna Kočí said. It will only be possible to set low-emissions zones in places where emissions limits have been exceeded and where a bypass route currently exists.

According to Kočí, a third new measure will be to exempt motorways and highways from charges in smog situations.

At yesterday's press conference, Environment Minister Drobil introduced eco-audits as another important step for the ministry: An audit of valid legislation in the area of the environment. "We will carefully monitor the simplification of environmental legislation, which will lead to a decrease in administrative difficulty, to greater clarity and also, as a result, to an improved business environment in the Czech Republic," Drobil said. According to Drobil, the ministry is considering 96 specific proposals which will affect eight key laws.

"Only the three most important measures could lead to savings of up to CZK 850 million," Drobil said, outlining the financial impacts. At the same time, the ministry should finish the entire eco-audit a year earlier than is stated in this year's government resolution, he said.

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