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29. 1. 2009 15:39

M. Topolánek: Security in Afghanistan Also Means Security for the Czech Republic

“I would like to thank your troops who have a difficult job in one of the hardest places in Afghanistan," Foreign Minister R. D. Spanta said.

The Czech military and civilian units in Afghanistan, active support for the reconstruction of Afghanistan and its future - those were the main topics discussed during a meeting between Czech Prime Minister Mirek Topolánek and the visiting Afghan Foreign Minister Rangin Dadfar Spanta.

“I would like to thank your troops who have a difficult job in one of the hardest places in Afghanistan. We greatly appreciate your cooperation. Over the past seven years, Afghanistan has seen much success in education and health care, and you also deserve credit for that just as the international community,“ Foreign Minister R. D. Spanta said at the beginning of the meeting. In his opinion, the country is still facing many problems, such as crime, drug trafficking and terrorism.

For his part, the Czech Premier has assured the Afghan Foreign Minister that it is in the interests of the Czech Republic for the assistance to Afghanistan to continue. “The international community should devote far more strength, not only financial, peace-keeping, civilian, this will cost great efforts. I wish Afghanistan much success in its reconstruction,“ said Premier Mirek Topolánek, who has paid three visits to the territory where the Czech military and civilian missions are operating. The Premier has also added that the security of the country is important for the Czech Republic as well: “In Afghanistan, it is not only Afghanistan that is at stake, our future security is also involved, and that is why we also have to help,“ added the Czech Premier.

The Czech Republic is taking an active part in the reconstruction of the country. The Army of the Czech Republic is involved in the ISAF, EUPOL and the anti-terrorist OEF programmes. The Czech Republic has been granting bilateral development aid and the Czech Provincial Reconstruction Team has been operating in Loghar province since March 2008.

Afghanistan is currently passing through a relatively critical period of its developments. Implementation of its socio-economic reforms is inadequate, the country’s security situation has been deteriorating and there has been growing criticism levelled at the international community due to the mounting numbers of civilian victims. Presidential elections are to be held in this complex situation even though their date has not yet been set (September 2009 is mentioned as a possible date). The election is expected to become a major political event in Afghanistan, shaping the country’s further course.

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