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17. 5. 2013 12:40

Latvia represents opportunity for Czech companies

Prime Minister Petr Nečas today continued his visit to the Baltic states. In Riga he met the Latvia Prime Minister Valdis Dombrovskis.

The two statesmen spoke about economic and security collaboration between the two countries. Following the meeting with his Latvian counterpart, Prime Minister Petr Nečas referred to the intensity of the mutual exchanges which take place not only within the two countries but also during meetings of the European Council.

According to Prime Minister Nečas these rapidly developing mutual relations offer new opportunities for Czech companies. “A number of traditional Czech companies are well entrenched here, for example with the supply of Škoda trams and trolleybuses for Riga,” he said. He noted the economic results which Latvia has achieved in recent years: “I see Latvia as an extremely attractive partner for economic collaboration and greatly admire the results which the economy here has achieved in recent years – in 2012 it was the fastest growing economy among the states of the EU (5.6% GDP),” the Czech Prime Minister added.

Wreath-laying ceremony at the Freedom Memorial.

In this context Prime Minister Nečas also pointed to the potential for economic collaboration, as demonstrated by the large trade mission of Czech company representatives accompanying Prime Minister Nečas and the organisation of a Czech-Latvian Business Forum, attended by both of the Prime Ministers. “I am very pleased that our high-quality bilateral political relations have also found their expression in growing mutual trade. I am pleased to be accompanied during my trip to Riga by a delegation of Czech businessmen,” he stated.

Czech companies are interested in developing business links and the supply of goods and services to Latvia. “Czech company also offer products and services in environmental technologies, waste management, waste water treatment, and so on.” said Prime Minister Nečas, also referring to the new possibilities for cooperation between the two countries in third markets, for example in the Russian Federation, and to interest in working on railways development as part of the Rail Baltica project. “Czech companies are ready to offer their products in railway track construction, in modernisation and automation, as well as in rolling stock,” Prime Minister Nečas added.

The Eastern Partnership and security collaboration

An important aspect of the mutual relations of the two countries is collaboration in defence. “The Czech Republic and Latvia are very close partners with many joint and similar positions both in the EU and in NATO. Our alliance is confirmed also by the fact that the Czech Republic has twice sent fighters for the protection of the airspace of the Baltic states and we are ready to repeat this mission in 2015. This contributes to a strengthening of our ties and bears witness to exceptional trust between allies,” said Petr Nečas.

The Czech Republic is also developing its links with Latvia as part of the contacts between the Visegrad group and the Baltic states. According to Prime Minister Nečas this represents a platform for the discussion of foreign policy, security and energy questions: “I regard this collaboration as being of great benefit and the Czech Republic is interested in extending it” Petr Nečas emphasised.

The Prime Ministers of both countries did not fail to mention topics related to European cooperation when they referred to questions of the internal market, the eurozone and the energy sector. “We also have very similar positions on priorities within the EU. The Czech Republic and Latvia are among those countries which strongly support improvement of the EU’s competitiveness. Both our countries are strong proponents of completing the internal market, including the single market for services, energy and the digital market. I share a similar view as the Prime Minister on a number of questions concerning current developments in the EU,” added the Czech Prime Minister, who is currently supporting Latvian efforts to become one of the OECD countries. “I want to confirm the unambiguous support of the Czech Republic for Latvian entry into the OECD. We see no reason for Latvia not to be a member of the OECD,” said Nečas.

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