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3. 11. 2016 14:24

Joint Statement of the Prime Minister of the Czech Republic and the Prime Minister of the Swedish Kingdom

At the meeting, both Prime Ministers stressed the importance of effective EU cooperation. Sweden and the Czech Republic are committed to the effective functioning of the EU, which remains the best guarantee for stability, prosperity, economic and social convergence, and security in Europe. To achieve this, the expectations of Europe’s citizens must be met and their concerns must be placed at the centre of common efforts. The fact that the UK is set to leave the Union makes cooperation – both bilateral and at EU level – even more important.

Joint Statement of the Prime Minister of the Czech Republic and the Prime Minister of the Swedish Kingdom

The Prime Ministers agreed to strengthen the partnership between the two countries in a number of key areas:

  • In fostering sustainable economic growth and the creation of new jobs, there was agreement to increase strategic thinking, show leadership and push for a single market that delivers fairness, jobs and growth. Ambitious and concrete legislative proposals are needed to strengthen the Single Market, in particular the Digital Single Market.
  • Furthermore, the Prime Ministers shared the view that open and free trade, in combination with structural reform and strong public finances, is fundamental for jobs and growth in Europe. Efforts will be stepped up to safeguard an open and progressive EU trade policy, free of protectionism and barriers to trade.
  • Social and economic progress must go hand in hand to deliver to the fullest potential. Bearing this in mind, the social dimension of the EU agenda, including the development of a social pillar for Europe, is significant for long-term prosperity – delivering jobs and growth for all. In this context, the Prime Ministers agreed to work together towards making a summit to be held on these issues in Sweden in 2017 a success.
  • There was consensus that efforts to improve the situation of young people in the EU merit particular focus.
  • In addition, the Prime Ministers share the view that the EU enlargement process remains a powerful instrument, driving reforms for democratic and economic development.
  • As founders of the Eastern Partnership, Sweden and the Czech Republic will continue working for the further development of the partnership. 

Based on the priorities above, Sweden and the Czech Republic will proceed in a close and long-term partnership.   

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