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9. 4. 2010 13:24

Jan Fischer Meets With Barack Obama

The Prime Minister, along with other European heads of state, took part in meetings with United States President Barack Obama.

The President of the United States, who travelled to Prague to sign an agreement on limiting nuclear weapons with Russian President Dmitry Medvedev, met yesterday with leaders from 11 states from Central and Eastern Europe at the American ambassador's residence in Prague.

According to Czech Prime Minister Jan Fischer, American President Obama assured participants that they still belong to the Euroatlantic space, whether the countries are NATO members or those just joining. The heads of state also met about the preparation of a new strategic concept for NATO and the mission in Afghanistan, which is perceived as a fundamental priority not only for the United States, but for all of NATO. According to Prime Minister Fischer, President Obama expressed appreciation for the individual countries which have engaged in the conflict in that country. "It is frequently very difficult to convince public opinion, the public at large in individual countries, to add their support to government proposals which lead to strengthening participation or military engagement in Afghanistan," Fischer said at yesterday's press conference.

In addition to the topic of the conflict in Afghanistan, the heads of state also discussed relations with Russia. According to the American president, the relationship needs to be built on principles of mutual trust. According to him it is also important to discuss the differing perceptions of issues in today's world. The debates at the joint meetings with the heads of the Balkan, Baltic and Central European states also touched on issues of energy security. According to Czech Prime Minister Jan Fischer, this problem was a fundamental topic of discussion for the participants of the dinner.

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