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10. 4. 2009 9:21

Jan Fischer is the new Prime Minister

Czech President Václav Klaus today appointed a new Prime Minister. Following the departure of Prime Minister Mirek Topolánek he will form a bridging cabinet which will take the country through to early elections.

"I come to lead the government as a specialist, a non-politician, but nonetheless as a person who has considerable experience of the workings of the executive branch, of the various Ministries and of the civil service and it is for this reason that I have taken on this mission. This will not be a government of visions, but one of hard work, where we will often be completing tasks started by others. I would wish it to be for the benefit of our country, so that we can lead the country through to early elections," said Prime Minister Fischer following his appointment by the President at Prague Castle.

The new government's priorities and its composition

The main priorities of Jan Fischer's bridging government will be the Czech Presidency of the EU Council and its completion, the minimalisation of the impact of the economic crisis on the Czech Republic, maintaining the functioning of public administration and preparing the budget for next year.

"I am open to cooperation and hope that in the negotiations to come we will put together an efficient team, one that is hard-working, a team of strong personalities, which will at the same time be a government which knows how to communicate well," added Fischer.

In a television interview yesterday, outgoing Prime Minister Mirek Topolánek stated that his coalition government did not cause the crisis. "We did not cause it, and it was not us who damaged the interests of the Czech Republic, we are not holding onto our positions, but have found a resolution which genuinely brings us out of a certain instability, because the impact on the Czech Republic abroad is appalling," said Topolánek.

Prime Minister Fischer is due to put forward the members of his cabinet by 9th May, when the President is to appoint the members of the new government.

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