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26. 2. 2009 15:08

Informal meeting of Heads of State or Government - Brussels, 1 March

The summit, which was called by M. Topolánek and J.M. Barroso, will address the ways in which the individual Member States implement the Recovery Plan and fight the impacts of the financial crisis.

The Czech Presidency of the European Union has decided to convene an informal meeting of Heads of State or Government to discuss the economic situation and the European recovery plan. Czech Prime Minister and President of the European Council Mirek Topolánek and President of the European Commission José Manuel Barroso agreed that particularly at a time when there is strong pressure to adopt protectionist measures, it is necessary to make sure that the rules of the internal market and fair competition are observed.

This informal meeting will consist of a working lunch on Sunday 1 March at 13.00.

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PM Mirek Topolánek

M. Topolánek, premiér

"We all know that we are in the same boat. We are in the same boat – all the 27 EU Member States and in each and every one of them both the government and the opposition are concerned. Face to face with crisis, we must confirm that our faithfulness to the values of freedom, solidarity and integration is not only on paper - no matter what it is called. We must resist the spectre of protectionism, we must help each other and we must observe uniform rules. Therein lies our joint responsibility and I believe that we will fulfil it. Therein lies our future. "

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