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2. 12. 2010 11:14

Government to find out how much time businesses spend on red tape

The prime minister and ministers also evaluated measures against violence in stadiums and a concept for developing the film industry

According to the government's cabinet, the burden on businesses should be cut by one-quarter. The government has requested research on the time companies spend on unnecessary red tape. "We have approved a point relating to the measurement of businesses' administrative burden, respectively to the government's future approaches in this area, so that we can decrease the administrative burden for entrepreneurs and businesses," Prime Minister Petr Nečas said at the government's meeting.

Compared to the current situation, the main difference will be that the current bureaucratic calculation of burden will be complemented by an investigation directly with businesses and will also lost time in terms of hours, and not only in monetary loss. "We want to decrease burden by 25 % by 2012," Prime Minister Nečas added. The so-called Standard Cost Model will be used; developed in the Netherlands, it is the most-widespread method for measuring administrative costs.

Ministers also evaluated the past two years of functioning of a new concept for ensuring safety at sporting events. In the past year and a half there have been a total of 230 critical football matches, and incidents occurred at only nine of these, so this has unequivocally led to a sharp drop in fan violence," Interior Minister Radek John said.
According to the government, shortened hearings for punishing hooligans has proven itself. The Czech Police have also put into effect an approach based on non-provocative monitoring, and a so-called anti-conflict team was been created at the same time. Sports clubs have started to use new instruments to ensure security, such as the sale of tickets to named individuals or the installation of camera systems.

The coalition cabinet also passed a new concept for the support and development of the Czech film industry and cinematography for 2011-2016 and a competitiveness strategy for the Czech film industry, also for the 2011-2016 period. "I consider it best that this concept be rewritten into paragraph form, which means that a complete new law be prepared on cinematography," the culture minister said, adding that he is prepared to present this norm in the first half of next year.

The government also discussed points of a more technical nature in today's programme. This included, for example, a proposed amendment to support regional development, which has as its goal improved functioning of governing bodies of regional operating programmes. In addition, individual technical directives from the area of the agriculture ministry, which relates to managing the land, bee-keeping, etc. The inspection conclusions of the Supreme Inspections Office were also discussed at the cabinet meeting; these relate to the health, industry and trade and local development ministries.

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