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9. 8. 2013 18:43

Government quits, prime minister to tender resignation on Tuesday

In keeping with the articles of the Constitution, the government has passed a resolution to tender its resignation.

Jiří Rusnok’s government has resigned because it lacked the support it needed in the Chamber of Deputies to win a vote of confidence. “I have an audience with the President of the Republic on Tuesday at noon. I will officially tender the resignation in exquisite folders,” said the outgoing prime minister.

He also replied to journalists’ questions as to why it took almost a week after the Chamber of Deputies rejected his government for him to resign. “The appointment for my audience with the President has been set for midday on Tuesday, so I have to wait,” added prime minister Rusnok.

Prime minister: Outgoing government to ensure that state institutions are kept ticking over

Further to a statement from political parties that they would approve the dissolution of the Chamber of Deputies on 20 August, the outgoing PM is to meet Senate chairman Milan Štěch on Monday. “We’ll discuss how to ensure the smooth and safe running of state institutions and the state during the dissolution, I immediately took steps in that respect,” explained Jiří Rusnok.

As the Chamber of Deputies has yet to be dissolved, the PM says he is unable to abandon his post. “We cannot pretend that we will not make headway in legislative proposals such as the bill on civil servants or the transposition of the European rules on European elections. We cannot stop doing this as long as the Chamber is operational. Once it ceases to be functional, in extreme cases we stand ready, by agreement with the Senate, to submit legal measures requiring ratification by the new Chamber of Deputies,” added the prime minister.

Government to skirt ambassador issue

According to the prime minister, the outgoing government’s priorities are clear. “We are a government that has resigned, we are responsible for ensuring the running of state institutions and for the smooth functioning of everyday operations in public and state administration, and we are committed to that. This means that if decisions are required in certain areas, we will have to take them. Ambassadors do not fall within this scope, I do not think we will be discussing ambassadors,” said Jiří Rusnok.

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