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1. 3. 2009 16:10

Extended “Visegrad 4” talk ahead of meeting of EU’s 27 leaders

Czech Prime Minister and President of the European Council Mirek Topolánek met Poland’s Prime Minister Tusk, Slovak PM Fico and Hungarian PM Gyurcsany in Brussels.

The meeting of the “Visegrad Four” was then extended to include leaders of the three Baltic countries and two most recent EU Member States, Romania and Bulgaria. This meeting of nine Central and Eastern European countries was attended by President of the European Commission José Manuel Barroso.

The leaders exchanged their views and experiences concerning the ways to respond to the impacts of the financial crisis. This issue will be discussed by Heads of State or Government of all the EU Member States in the seat of the EU Council in Brussels this afternoon.

The Czech Presidency convened the extraordinary meeting of the EU’s 27 leaders following agreement with the European Commission. The aim is to agree on a common approach to tackle the impacts of the financial crisis

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