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23. 2. 2011 16:25

European Union to Help Libya Democratise

European Council President Van Rompuy says after talks with the Czech prime minister

"We condemn the violence taking place in Libya. We are convinced that the regime should immediately begin an open dialogue with the country's own citizens. The violence there should be stopped immediately," Prime Minister Petr Nečas said in a joint statement.

According to Van Rompuy, the European Union now faces the task of assisting Libya in its transition to democratisation, a pluralist government system and a strengthened economy. "The EU is interested in sustainable stability, based on respect of democratic values, human rights and fundamental freedoms," Van Rompuy said.

The statesmen also discussed the Eastern Partnership project; the Czech Republic is one of its key founders. The project is now engaged in the current political situation in Belarus as well. "We must express our unequivocal sympathy to the leaders of the democratic opposition in Belarus", and as one of the European Union's neighbours, the country should not be neglected, the Czech prime minister said.

The Czech Republic is Interested in a Stable Eurozone

"In the area of the economy, the Czech Republic has great interest in a stable eurozone and that the euro be a stable currency," Nečas said, pointing out the strong economic ties between the Czech Republic and the eurozone. He also pointed out that any complications in those ties have impacts on the Czech economy.

Van Rompuy immediately confirmed the stable situation in the eurozone. He said the euro remains a strong currency with strong fundamentals. "But we need more convergence in competitiveness, a sustainable pension system and strict budgetary rules. The Czech Republic as with all other non Euro members will be consulted and can participate in this coordination,," the president said.

The talks also touched on the competitiveness pact jointly proposed by Germany and France. According to Nečas, the Czech Republic welcomes their ideas. It intends to carry them out on the national level regardless of whether agreement arises among the other states of the EU-27. He then especially emphasised constitutional safeguards, debt limits against increasing the state budget and continuing to create pension reforms.

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