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3. 6. 2009 17:20

European elections are important, Czech PM and European Parliament President agree

Czech Prime Minister Jan Fischer and President of the European Parliament Hans-Gert Pöttering spoke on the phone this afternoon about the upcoming European Parliament elections.

The two politicians agreed that the elections, which in some Member States will start already the day after tomorrow, are one of this year’s major European political events. The results will exert a major influence on the development of the EU in the next five years.

“It is in the interest of citizens in all EU Member States to use their vote to influence the composition of an institution which is an important European player and whose competences are increased by the Lisbon Treaty. The Czech Presidency attaches great importance to the highest possible turnout at the European elections. The European Parliament decides on real issues – more than two thirds of the laws that influence our every-day lives pass through the Parliament”, the Prime Minister stated.

“I understand that people can feel tired of politics but in these elections we will vote on European issues, not domestic ones, and this is why I call on all responsible citizens to come and cast their vote. The European Parliament is the only directly elected European body and the people hold the key to its quality – they can enhance this quality by coming to the polls and supporting the candidate they consider to be the best. We often hear about a democratic deficit in the EU – voting in the Parliamentary elections is the best way to eliminate this deficit. One cannot complain of the EU being undemocratic and at the same time refuse to go to the polls”, added the Prime Minister.

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