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13. 1. 2009 16:00

Entropa to Be Launched in Brussels on 15 January

The Entropa sculpture, installed in the atrium of the Justus Lipsius building of the EU Council in Brussels, will be fully launched on Thursday 15 January 2009 at 11 a.m.

The Czech Presidency calls on the curator, the conceptual artist David Černý, who has promised to attend the launch, to ensure the participation of all the artists who have contributed to this work. This is expected to help dispel doubts about the identity of the artists. The Agreement of the Czech Office of the Government and the artist clearly stipulated that the work should be a joint project of artists from the 27 EU Member States. The press conference will also be attended by the Deputy Prime Minister for European Affairs, Alexandr Vondra, and the Ambassador of the Czech Republic to the EU, Milena Vicenová. The Conference will take place in the atrium of the Justus Lipsius building.

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