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12. 8. 2013 18:45

Dissolution of the Chamber of Deputies will not compromise the legislative process

If the Chamber of Deputies is dissolved, in urgent cases the Senate will be immediately ready to actively take important legislative measures, noted prime minister Jiří Rusnok and chairman of the Senate Milan Štěch after a joint meeting at Kramář Villa.

Press conference following a meeting between Senate chairman Milan Štěch and prime minister Jiří Rusnok, 12 August 2013
Press conference following a meeting between Senate chairman Milan Štěch and prime minister Jiří Rusnok, 12 August 2013
“We agreed that, even though the Chamber of Deputies is to be dissolved, the legislative process will be secured for as long as is absolutely essential,” was how the prime minister summed up the hour-long meeting, adding that he believed the MPs would approve the dissolution of the lower house of Parliament. According to prime minister Jiří Rusnok, the government and the Senate will ensure legislative continuity and therefore the two institutions have established communication channels to ensure that everything takes place as quickly as possible so that the operation of the entire state is safeguarded.

If the Chamber of Deputies is dissolved, this will be the first time in the history of the modern-day Czech Republic that emergency statutory measures have been employed. “The Constitution envisages the continuation of legislative and parliamentary activity. If the government needs to change any laws, the Senate will immediately accept such a proposal, subject to the president’s approval, but after the elections it will still be up to the new Chamber of Deputies to make a final decision,” said Senate chairman Milan Štěch, adding that he would convene a meeting as a matter of urgency so that the upper chamber could act promptly and avoid problems that could jeopardize the running of the country.

The outgoing prime minister acknowledged that, in exceptional cases, there would be no option but to apply statutory measures. “We will not abandon this concept out of hand. If necessary, we will make coordinated use of it,” added prime minister Jiří Rusnok, who is to tender the resignation of his government of experts to the President of the Republic at midday on Tuesday. The prime minister’s meeting with the Senate chairman was convened extremely quickly after MPs publicly declared that they wanted early elections and were opposed to a bridging cabinet.

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