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16. 4. 2010 14:20

Deputy Prime Minister Martin Barták Meets at the Pentagon

Martin Barták met on the Czech Republic's involvement in a new anti-missile defence system.

Barták, the deputy prime minister of the government, and defence minister, met with US Undersecretary of Defence Michèle Flournoy as part of a working visit to the nuclear summit in the USA The meeting took place in the Pentagon, the headquarters of the United States' Department of Defence.

The meeting related to such things as an increase in the Czech contingent in Afghanistan, scientific-technical cooperation between the Czech Defence Ministry and the US Department of Defence, the development of a mutual strategic dialogue, anti-missile defence, discussions on the preparation of a new strategic concept for NATO and material-technical cooperation. Michèle Flournoy also appreciated the Czech government's efforts to increase participation in the ISAF military mission.

In addition to meeting with Flournoy, Minister Barták also met with US Under Secretary of State Ellen Tauscher during the summit. The topic of the discussion was the Czech Republic's participation in a new anti-missile defence system, within whose framework the Czech Republic would become part of an early warning system against enemy rocket attacks. Deputy Prime Minister Barták assured the American side that the Czech Republic is prepared to participate in the system.

"This is about sharing data from command elements and monitoring elements which will be placed in two locations in the Czech Republic with only Czech staff. This is not about the presence of any foreign soldiers. They operate what is essentially a computer system. It is a software matter. We will see what our American allies see at the same time," Barták told journalists.

The meeting with Ellen Tauscher also touched on talks of certification granted by the US Department of Defence for the export and return import of Czech L-159 aircraft. The Czech Republic is considering an exchange of five aircraft for one Spanish CASA transport aircraft. L-159 aircraft include parts produced in the USA, so it is necessary to receive their approval, which usually takes several months. The Czech Republic is asking the American side to speed up the process.

Source: Czech Defence Ministry

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