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23. 6. 2009 13:29

Declaration by the Presidency on behalf of the EU concerning post-election crisis in Iran

The EU, in full respect of the sovereignty of Iran, closely follows the development of the post-election situation in Iran, and expects the crisis to be settled through democratic dialogue and peaceful means.

The EU is deeply concerned with the continuing brutal violence against demonstrators which has so far resulted in the loss of lives. The EU reiterates the main messages contained in the Conclusions of the European Council of 18/19 June 2009 and therefore calls on the Iranian authorities to refrain from mass arbitrary arrests and strongly condemns all restrictions imposed on media and journalists.

The EU considers the accusations made by various Iranian authorities towards the EU and its member states concerning European interference in the Iranian elections as baseless and unacceptable. All European Union Member States obviously stand united against accusations made towards individual EU countries and attempts to mark out the attitude of some of them towards Iran.

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